Media Installation        

Date: Nov. 22(Thu.) – Nov. 24(Sat.) 18:00 – 21:30

The art work is a video installation, in which multiple screens with projected images are floated on Nakagawa Canal.
They are viewed with the changing landscape with the passing of time, which still remembers the days of modern history along the canal.

Venue: The north-side of Nagara-bashi, Nakagawa Canal
Information desk: Funato-chou 6, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya
Admission free

A: from Nagoya Station, Take the City Bus Route Kan-meieki 2 at No. 4 platform and get off at “Nagara-bashi” bus stop
B: from Kanayama Sta., Take City Bus Route Kanayama 21 or 23 at No. 3 platform and get off at “Nagara-bashi” bus stop
C: from San-noh Sta. of Meitetsu Line, 15 minutes to the west on foot

Tel 050-5437-0709
email waltz(at)

-Please stop by the information office and pick up the brochure.
-Please give consideration to the traffic rule for safe appreciation.
-In the case of heavy weather the event might be canceled. Please check in advance the website or reach the contact information above.

Art direction, Video images: FUSHIKI Kei
Space design: IGAKI Masashi

ARToC10 grant-aided project
Under auspices of Nagoya Urban Institute of the Nagoya Urban Development Public Corporation
Sponsored by TAIHO Co., Ltd, Fuji Coffee Co., Ltd.
Assisted by Rinnai Corporation, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

Artist. Completion of MFA degree at Bauhaus-University Weimar. Creating visual images on the subject of a boundary between linearity and non-linearity on time consciousness or memory. Also approaching media installation/performance works from the aspect of spatial uniqueness such as the historical background of the place.

IGAKI Masashi
Artist. Completion of MFA degree at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. Creating installation works that focus on the “edge (kiwa in Japanese)” and “space (ma)” among things in space by using various materials.

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